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Crescendo Cannabis is proud to introduce a wide variety of thoughtfully cultivated cannabis strains to Arizona consumers. Organically grown and professionally processed,


Crescendo Cannabis will appeal to discriminating canna-seurs who are looking for high grade cannabis products at a surprisingly reasonable price point. Click here for a list of dispensaries carrying Crescendo Cannabis products.

Crescendo is defined as “the highest point reached in a progressive increase of intensity.” The term is most often used to describe music, but can equally apply to the euphoria commonly experienced with marijuana.


Music and marijuana have flourished hand-in-hand for centuries. They have similar effects on the brain, lowering cortisol levels, effectively reducing stress. Listening to a favorite song produces the same “feel good” rush of dopamine associated with cannabis. When combined, both stimulate the brain’s Hippocampus, inducing a heightened awareness and an enhanced appreciation of “the present moment.” Because cannabis alters the perception of time, the brain actually slows down and focuses deeply on music, enhancing our enjoyment.


It’s no coincidence that the first time the word “marihuana” appeared on the American scene was in 1909 in the Storyville neighborhood of New Orleans where Louis Armstrong had been born a few years earlier. Jazz and cannabis were directly linked – authorities blamed marijuana for the rise of that “voodoo” music that made good folks forget their inhibitions.  Joints were commonly called “jazz cigarettes.” Later, Reggae as well as Rock & Roll openly embraced “the wicked weed,” musicians and fans defying the strict enforcement of prohibition throughout the 20th century and into the 21st.  Ever sniffed the air in a packed concert arena? We rest our case!


Continuing in that grand tradition, Crescendo Cannabis announces the launch of LIGHT UP & LISTEN, where strains of music intersect with strains of marijuana, creating a community of fans who enjoy both. When you purchase Crescendo Cannabis, the packaging will feature a QR Code that leads to a musical selection that reflects the qualities of the particular strain of marijuana you have selected.  The Crescendo Cannabis Catalogue will include a sprawling variety of genres by Indie artists from all over the country. There’s something for everyone. The directions are simple: LIGHT UP & LISTEN!

We encourage our customers to experiment a little to find their favorite moment(s) of the day to LIGHT UP & LISTEN. A few of ours include:


It’s A Beautiful Morning

Afternoon Delight

Don’t Worry Be Happy Hour

Enchanted Evening

Last Dance With Mari Jane


Crescendo Cannabis welcomes Arizona marijuana enthusiasts to the LIGHT UP & LISTEN lifestyle. Not since Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out has there been a better time to experience a renaissance of cannabis culture. Crescendo Cannabis encourages consumers to stay abreast of topics relevant to cannabis with our blog, The Beat.

Crescendo Cannabis may be the new kid on the block, but we are confident that Arizona cannabis consumers will get to know us and ask for Crescendo by name! Now available in these dispensaries Click Here.